10 Reasons You Need … a Day Off

When you are running your own business, particularly one from home, balancing your time or taking time off can be a challenge. Inevitably, the to-do list is too long or you receive an email at 9.53pm that you just have to answer there and then.

Here’s 10 ways you can tell you’re overdue for a day off

  1. It’s Thursday, but you believe your kids/partner/mother when they tell you its Friday and you think you’ve been on the computer for so long you missed a day.
  2. You give an exasperated sigh and yell “in a minute!” when the microwave goes off – does no one understand how busy you are.
  3. You start using the washing machine as a timer to make sure you get off your chair and go outside.
  4. You hear the washing machine beep although you can’t remember if the cycle ended five minutes ago or two days ago.
  5. You forget exactly where “outside” is and how to get there from your office.
  6. You speak to people in emoticons and acronyms, i.e. “That was funny, LOL.”
  7. Your family resembles seagulls and have gone beyond “I’m hungry” and have started begging you to “please go shopping for food!”
  8. You’re asked what you’re up to on the weekend and have to dredge your brain to recall what the term actually means.
  9. You’ve located your shoes in the freezer on more than one occasion, but you’re not overly bothered because you haven’t had a need to wear them.
  10. Your default statement is “give me a minute!” whenever someone speaks to you.

In fact, these 10 reasons are also the reasons that it may be time to hire a Virtual Assistant. You can be running your business and your home more efficiently and I am here to help you achieve a greater work/life balance.

4 Comments on “10 Reasons You Need … a Day Off

  1. OMG Aileen, this is so funny. You’ve put a smile on my face this morning.

    I mostly work from the studio, but when I bring work home or work from home, this is exactly how it is. 😉

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