15 Quick Tips for NOT WHAT TO DO on your Interview

You worked so hard to get that interview.  Tens or hundreds of resumes later, someone finally called you for an interview.  So whatever you do, don’t do these 15 things:


  1. Arrive late – 1 minute late is too late
  2. Arrive too early – 10 minutes early is ideal!
  3. Smell like smoke – cigarette smoke or any other kind of smoke
  4. Smell like alcohol and do NOT be intoxicated
  5. Dress for a party or a nightclub or the mall
  6. Talk too much
  7. Tell jokes or personal stories
  8. Talk bad about your past employers, co-workers or bosses
  9. Lie about your experience
  10. Forget your resume and your references
  11. Bring your cell phone
  12. Be in a hurry
  13. Be rude, swear or be sarcastic
  14. Forget which position you are applying  for
  15. Arrive unprepared

Sounds simple enough but others have been eliminated from consideration for these very reasons.  Don’t let it happen to you!

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