8 Tips for managing your job search while employed

Employees leave companies for a variety of reasons. Whatever your reasons are for leaving, job searching while employed requires secret agent-like discretion and stealth. So to channel your inner secret agent consider the following covert moves:

Keep Your Job Search And Work Separate: Never search for jobs using your company’s computer, and never use your work email to touch base with potential employers.

Be Very Careful Who You Tell: Entrust your search only to those you know will keep your search quiet.

Schedule Interviews Strategically: Schedule interviews before or after work or during lunchtime. If your interviewer isn’t flexible, use vacation or personal days for interviews.

Be Wary Of Your Wardrobe: Interview dress is crucial to landing a job. To avoid suspicion, quick changes in public bathrooms may be in order.

Your Boss May See “Giving Notice” As a Threat: Be very careful when giving notice. Some employers may see your friendly heads up as a threat.

Be Honest With Potential Employers: If asked if your current employer knows about your job search, be honest and tell him, “No.”

Don’t Forget About Your Current Job: You owe it to your employer to remain a productive employee for the time you have left.

You Don’t Have The Job Yet: Don’t submit your letter of resignation to your boss until you have an offer in writing.

Job searching while employed is rough. After all, who wants to do more work after work? But the process has its benefits, too. Employed job searchers are in a better position to negotiate salary and won’t be tempted to accept the first offer that comes along.

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