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7K0A0478The Career Service departments at most colleges host several job fairs, A.K.A. career fairs and expos throughout the year. These fairs are events where job seekers can meet employers and recruiters in one convenient location. Colleges will also hold “specialty” fairs that pertain to certain audiences based on the college’s academic studies. (more…)

I receive many of emails/calls from individuals in a job search but more and more of them tell me that they would like to make a career transition but they don’t know what they would like to do. However, if I come across an opportunity that I feel fits their background to give them a call.

Huh! (scratching my head)….


After the bustle of the holidays have subsided, it is exciting to think about what the New Year and the new opportunities ahead.

For many, the New Year starts off with reflecting on what took place last year. I say STOP REFLECTING and START EXPLORING. That’s right exploring the new opportunities in front of you. Perhaps you will explore a new relationship, take charge of your health, discover a new job or change careers. Speaking of exploring, take hold of that excitement you feel within you and discover the possibilities.

Many experts are saying that the employment market is the strongest it has been in six years. People are feeling more confident about seeking new opportunities and career transitions. Here are some tips to help you improve your resume or online profiles.


Currently, 88% of the U.S.’s recruiters now tap into LinkedIn to find qualified job candidates, according to a recent report conducted by the site. In short, LinkedIn has become the first, and top, platform that recruiters and HR pros access to do job searches and build their candidate pool. Is your profile being found? (more…)

With the invention of social media, the job search process has drastically changed over the years. Instead of just skimming through a stack of resumes, hiring managers are now looking online to find additional information about the people that they are interested in hiring. Your social media presence can make-or-break your job search efforts, and it is important that you consider the messages that are being shared through your social media accounts. (more…)