Count Down #1 – Tan Travel in Oak Park, IL

The first stop on Aileen’s Count Down to the Holidays! is Lydia Villanueva-Soto, President and Travel Consultant of Tan Travel located in Oak Park, Illinois.

Why not surprise your significant other with a romantic getaway for two this holiday season or the kids with a trip to their favorite place.  It’s not too late!  Give Lydia a call over at Tan Travel and she’ll be jolly to help you.  You will truly enjoy working with Lydia for all your travel needs.


I met Lydia about a year ago as a member of the West Suburban Women Entrepreneurs and from that moment I knew Lydia was someone that everyone needed to know.  Planning a vacation is not supposed to be stressful; it’s a time for relaxation. Many people may feel that vacationing is too expensive. In fact, once the idea of travel and recreation was a luxury of wealthy people alone.  Not anymore! As Lydia states below, consider her your “Travel Therapist”, her and her team will get to know your needs and help you plan the perfect vacation you have always dreamed of.

Tan Travel is “Your door to the world.”


Getting ready for Aileen’s Count Down to the Holidays! I had the pleasure of interviewing Lydia and this is what she shared.

What inspired you to start your business?

I’ve always loved the travel industry and when the opportunity came to purchase the travel agency I have worked at since 1995 I jumped on the chance to be my own boss.

Can you describe the benefits of why people should use a travel agent when planning their dream vacation or quick get-away?

We have firsthand knowledge of locations, specials and benefits other than those that might be available through online travel sites. Consider us your “Travel Therapist”, together with you we can find the perfect destination, experience and budget you want out of a vacation.

Where or What are some of the best places to travel during the holidays, that people don’t sometimes think that they could afford?

Mexico’s coastlines are probably the most economic options out there at these times. Mexico has received scary reviews do to the crime in the inner city areas but the tourist destinations are safe and travel is high in demand.

Contact Information:

Tan Travel
964 S. Oak Park Ave.
Oak Park, IL 60304
800-777-8261-Outside IL

Follow Tan Travel on FacebookTwitter and YouTube. Find us on


It is my hope that you have enjoyed our first stop on Aileen’s Count Down to the Holidays! I encourage you to give Lydia a call today and take that vacation you’ve always wanted to, you deserve it! 

Come back for our Count Down #2 where we go inside and dip deeper.………….    

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