Count Down #10– Poetic Reflections on life, love and soul

The tenth stop on Aileen’s Count Down to the Holidays! is with Lynn Torre, CFP®, CFDP and owner of Financial Transitions, Ltd., and Author of Dance of the Leaf.

I have had the privilege of being part of Lynn’s dance and I am truly honored to share this dance with all of you. Dance of the Leaf is a must read! When you find yourself needing a little inspiration pick up the book and flip to any poem, read it and reflect on it for the day and for the rest of the week. Lynn’s poems are like passages filled with energy and inspiration.

Dance of the Leaf is Lynn’s personal reflection on life, love and soul. When you allow the energy of life to flow through you and trust that you are exactly where you need to be, at this moment in time, incredible truths will be revealed. This is exactly how this book has come to be. 

A Sampling of Poems from Dance of the Leaf

I thought I was not good enough
Not worthy or deserving
All my life I believed this stuff
It really was unnerving
When you view yourself as less than
What you get is what you see
It all looks very real to you
Self-fulfilling prophecy
Now I look in the mirror
And smile when I see
An incredible being
Who really is me

What inspired you to write your book?
I started writing this poetry as part of my process of self-discovery and reflection on life. I was in search of my own truth – these poems eventually evolved into the book.

What sparks your creativity?
Meditation and quiet introspection, almost all of my writing is done very early in the morning when my mind is calm and without distractions.

What’s one big thing you want people to take away from your book?
To be inspired! To look within and discover all that they can be. Also to make a difference in the world by doing their dance.

Who is the perfect reader for your book?
Someone who is looking for inspiration, and introspection. But read only one at a time. It is not meant to be read cover to cover like a novel. Just sip from it.

Any other notes or comments you would like to share:
It is my hope that my words open reader’s eyes to new possibilities convince them to believe in themselves and impress upon them the importance of love – of self and others.

Contact Information:

Lynn Torre
Financial Transitions LTD
Dance of the Leaf
22W132 Butterfield Road
Glen Ellyn, IL  60137



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