Count Down #7 – Across the solar system lies another world….. POND PUNKIES!

The seventh stop on Aileen’s Count Down to the Holidays! is Lisa Riebe, Children’s Sci-Fi Author of Pond Punkies.

Just like the adventure that Lisa takes you on in her books Lisa and I have our own adventure to share. I met Lisa a few months back at a local Author’s group, Author! Author!, where she announced Book #2 – The Unearthing, and asked if anyone would be interested in a pre-view of the book before it hits the stands and I just about jumped out of my seat to grab one for my 10 year old daughter.

The next day over breakfast I shared the book with my daughter and with the strangest look on her face she said, “Mom I know these characters.” I of course did not believe her because how could she, we don’t have Book #1 – The Arrival, in our family library. After bantering back and forth my daughter turned to me and said, “Mom I KNOW these characters….   Remember back in Kindergarten my friend had her Aunt come read to us a story… (puzzled and in shock that she remembers kindergarten but cannot remember to put her clothes away)  again I didn’t believe her.  So, I contacted Lisa and asked her if I could share this strange story with her, and wouldn’t you know it……… It was Lisa that came to my daughters’ class to read an insert of Book #1 – The Arrival.  From that moment my daughter and I were hooked on the Pond Punkies and enjoying the adventure of Blaze, Ace and the rest of the Pond Punkies together.

This is truly a book for all ages that has imagination and likes to get away from reality for a bit and enjoy an adventure.

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Let’s all get to know Lisa and her passion for being a Children’s Sci-Fi Author

What inspired you to write your book?
I really wanted to be an inventor. I was always trying to invent something. Once my son was old enough, he caught the inventing bug too. We would sit around trying to think of things to invent. One day while sitting around our pond in the backyard, my friend Sue, my son, and I came up with the idea for a toy. Not just any toy. It had to be a toy related to ponds. It would be a pond punkie action figure. I decided no one would want to play with the action figure if they didn’t know anything about pond punkies. I wanted to write a book showing where the pond punkies came from, but also try to pull in the younger reluctant boy readers. The Arrival was born!

What sparks your creativity?
I’m not sure if any one thing sparks my creativity. I have always been a creative person. I do get some ideas from my dreams. Things just pop in my head and I try to write them down before they get replaced by new things.

What’s one big thing you want people to take away from your book?
I only hope that when the kids are done reading the book that they were able to leave reality for a bit and enjoy an adventure. I would like for them to understand the special bonds of friendship and that sometimes hardships are part of that bond.

Who is the perfect reader for your book?
Second grade through fourth grade.  (Aileen’s opinion: this is a great book for all ages! I truly enjoyed reading it together with my 10 year old.) 

(This is a video of a boy reviewing Pond Punkies – The Unearthing.)
Grant takes on Rampage! Don’t steal his Pond Punkies Book!


Contact Information:

Lisa Riebe, Children’s Sci-Fi Author

2011 Global eBook Award Winner
2010 Indie Book Award Finalist

Read Pond Punkies blog at  or follow on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube.


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