How to Recruit Good Talent Through Social Media Websites

In our digital age, it is possible to learn a lot of information about potential job candidates before you actually meet them in person. Social media websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are all platforms that can be used to find more information about a person that you would like to hire.

Have you thought about the possibility of using these websites to recruit new talent to your company? Sometimes, a hiring manager may find that even though a lot of resumes are submitted, they aren’t able to find the right match for the position they are looking to fill. Using social media websites can be a great way to search for additional job candidates who are qualified for the position.

Review Their Job Experience

LinkedIn is a great way to see the experience of potential applicants, and you can search on LinkedIn to find people who match the skill set that you desire. Viewing a resume on LinkedIn is more beneficial than seeing the resume on paper, because you will be able to see the connections they have in the industry and whether or not they have been endorsed for various skills.

Facebook and Twitter can also offer insight about the candidate, and these social sites give a better view about their personal life. You can get a glimpse into their personality, to see if they would be a good match for the position.

Measuring Social Recruiting

The difficult aspect of recruiting through social media websites is the fact that it can be hard to measure the progress and effectiveness of your efforts. Are the efforts resulting in good candidates? It is a good place to invest your time and advertising dollars? Putting together a good tracking system can help you to know whether the efforts are paying off, and you can optimize the system to focus more on the websites that are resulting in good candidates.

One of the most effective ways to measure the success of your online hiring campaign is to hire a recruiter, because they have the experience and expertise to know what works. Often, internal hiring managers are stretched thin because they have so much to do each day, which means that they may not be able to effectively track the online efforts. Hiring a professional recruiter can help to offset the work load, and can help you achieve better results. The recruiter can help you to understand exactly what is working online, so that the campaign can be catered accordingly. You will be able to save time and effort, and have skilled candidates available to choose from.


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