Its April Already!

Are you behind in your bookkeeping? Let’s assume that you are behind with your QuickBooks tasks. You haven’t entered data, you have stacks of receipts and some missing ones too, reconciliations…what is that? Your Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable are outdated and you don’t have the smallest idea if you are making or losing money. Now it’s April and your CPA is asking for year-end information to make estimates. What do you do?

There is no easy answer to this question, but you should ask yourself these questions:
1. Do you want this done so that you can file timely tax returns while not running yourself into the ground working late at night to catch up?
2. Do you want to invest in a bookkeeper who can do this more effectively saving you time and money in the long run?
3. Do you think the information will be accurate once you are done or will your CPA still need to clean things up and charge you for this?
4. Is your main reason for doing this to save money?
5. Do you have the time and desire to take on this task?

Don’t fret you do have options:
You can catch up by finding the time to input accounting activity (perhaps at night or on weekends) and hope that it is done correctly, or you can pick up the phone and engage with us who handles these tasks on a routine basis.
You went into business because you are great at what you do, so are we! We can help you get caught up on and continue providing ongoing services helping you know where you are financially on a regular basis. Whatever your decision is, don’t wait. Act now to save yourself time, taxes and money…plus peace of mind.

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