Job Search Tips for Someone in an Established Career

Searching for a new job can be a tedious process, and there are a few strategies that can be used depending on how established you are in your career. New graduates are generally looking for any way to get their foot in the door with their first job, but an established job seeker can leverage their experience to propel their career in the direction that they desire. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Summarize the Highlights of Your Experience

It is easy for resumes to be too lengthy if you are trying to include every detail about each job in your career. Instead of trying to include all of the details on your resume, take a close look at the job description for the position that you are applying for, and then cater your resume accordingly. Each time you apply to a new job, your resume and cover letter should be adjusted in order to match your experience as closely as possible with the position they are looking to fill.

Make sure to highlight experience, skills, or certifications that will make you stand out from the rest. You have a lot of experience that you can use, be sure that you are putting your best foot forward to show that the experience has helped you to develop into a valuable employee.

Develop Your Computer Skills

The younger generation is comfortable with social media and building their online brand, but older generations aren’t quite as comfortable putting their information online. If you are well-established in your career and have been working for many years, then it is possible that you might fall within the group of people who don’t do a lot online to build their own brand. To find a new job, it is essential that you leverage the internet in order to build a brand for yourself.

Setup profiles on social media websites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Build out each of your social media profiles to include information about your career and show the strong experience that you have to offer. If having all 3 social media profiles are too much, choose one. I suggest using LinkedIn for your career search.

Work With a Career Coach

Hiring a career coach can be beneficial to help you leverage your career move; because they can help you to structure your resume and find jobs that are the perfect fit for what you are looking for. Many people discount the idea of working with a career coach or a recruiter, but a coach will have the ability to understand the career path that you need to follow in order to get into the work situation that you desire. They can help you to fast track your progress, to find the job that is a good fit for your experience.

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