How are you connecting with your audience?

Working with small business owners AGC can help take care of all your essential back-office needs by providing coaching in your marketing efforts.

Marketing services that cover an exceptionally wide variety of platforms:

Email Marketing: MailChimp, Vertical Response, Constant Contact

Website Marketing: Blog management in WordPress

Social Media Marketing: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter


Social Media Marketing & Support with AGilpin Consultants

Empowering Small Business Owners To Attract, Engage, and Build Relationships

You started your business with your talent, but how are you attracting and engaging with your customers. Whether you are a start-up or a veteran business owner; just staying in front of your audience is a full-time job in itself and with today's social media technology and platforms there are so many ways you can communicate, but where or how do you start with them can leave you not using any at all.

As a social media coach I work with small business owners to teach them how to manage their social media presence so they don’t get overwhelmed. My goal is to teach you how to use all the available tools, so you can experience how social media can make a lasting impact for your business.

Private coaching packages:

Social Marketing 101 ($75)
60-minute introductory social media session, available for first time clients only who want to experience Aileen's coaching style and want an overview of what social media is and how effective it can be. Topic discussion limited to one social platform.

The Observer Package ($180)
Three (3) hours of private coaching, one hour increments, to be used within a four week time period. This will get you familiar and trained to use up to (2) social media platforms, so that you can start marketing your business more efficiently.

The Engager Package ($350)
Six (6) hours of private coaching, one hour increments, one session a week for six consecutive weeks. By the end of the six weeks you will be fluent in using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for your business and leave with knowing how to market and engage with you audience in less than 15-minutes a day.