How it works

We are Virtual...we can work with businesses all over the US, it doesn't matter. That is the beauty of being virtual. No matter where you are, we are right there with you. 

We work with both versions of QuickBooks  desktop and online cloud based.

How it works...

Step 1 - The Consultation Let's talk. We'll discuss how we can take away some of the pain points of your bookkeeping and what we can do to make things easier for you. If we’re in agreement, then I’ll need read only access to your current bookkeeping application or latest financial statements and supporting documents so I can review them. If you’re just starting out or have been using a shoebox as your filing cabinet, not to worry. We’ll work it out. I’ve seen it all. 

Step 2 - The Proposal Based on our conversation and after I finish my analysis, I’ll give you a proposal detailing what services we’ll be providing for you. What our goals and objectives are as well as our recommendations. We can add to and take away services as needed until we are both happy with the outcome.

Step 3 - The Engagement A final contract is prepared and signed by both you and I making it official. Keep in mind, this is a 30 day contract and can be canceled at any time by either party with 30 days written notice. We don’t lock you into anything and realize your business needs change frequently. This will clearly outline the services we will be providing & when we will be starting.

Step 4 - The Set Up We will get you set up with the accounting software. If you’re already using QuickBooks, great! You’ll grant us access to the platform so we can get started. If not, we will get you set up and make the migration as smooth as possible for you.

Step 5 - The Partnership You can leave the books to us and concentrate on your business. Throughout the month, we will be retrieving your invoices, bills, receipts and necessary documents. We will be matching and classifying your transactions into the appropriate accounts accurately and efficiently. We will be reconciling and working on your financial statements for month end.



Whether you use QuickBooks Desktop or the newest QuickBook Online version we can help organize and manage your daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly bookkeeping to provide your accountant with accurate financial information to help keep your business moving forward.


QuickBooks for Small Businesses

QuickBooks Online provides business owners with a convenient remote access option for you, your bookkeeper or your accountant, giving you powerful access to information on the go. The cloud gives companies of all sizes a revolutionary alternative, anywhere - anytime access. 

♦ View Balance Sheet and Cash Flow on the go.

♦ Access vendor and inventory information at your fingertips.

♦ View Bank account and credit card balances.

♦ Understand who owes you money and to whom you owe money.


With QuickBooks Online cloud accounting software it makes business and customer collaboration an easier reality. This means you can do your finances using any device with an internet connection at anytime or anywhere, it is as portable as you need it. It connects with your bank accounts, merchant accounts and credit card accounts so each transaction syncs and comes up quickly at your fingertips. Your trusted advisers can log in and view your accounts too, providing valuable real-time advice – no more sending files via email or courier!


Get paid faster

Keep cash flowing when you send customized invoices for instant payment online.

Organize expenses

Snap a receipt photo and link it to a transaction for digitally organized receipts.


Manage on the go

Access your accounting anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Stay connected

Download, categorize, and stay connected with your bookkeeper and accountant.

Not ready for Online, no worries! We're experts in QuickBooks desktop versions as well. Call or get in contact with us today to hear how we can support your business.