What is social networking?

Social networks are the entire craze these days. When they first came out, business owners didn’t know what to do with them. I think it was due to the over-flooding of teenagers on MySpace. With a better understanding and infrastructure that Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter now has, more small business owners are far open-minded to the concept.

Several individuals have asked that I provide feedback on the topic of social networking, and what came to mind is with time-management social networking can benefit your business.

So ask yourself, Should I be spending more time on social networking?

Back before the development of social networking sites, businesses relied on customer referrals to generate sales.  A happy customer equaled a new referral almost every time.

In the virtual realm of business, we now seek out a higher level of recognition.  Therefore, we pound social networking sites with day to day updates and spend countless hours bouncing from one site to another.  The objective is to connect with as many professionals as possible.  The more knowledgeable we are about today’s trends; the higher quality of followers we obtain.

Mismanagement of Time

The issue is of course our time.  How much time do we have to bounce between network sites?  I believe that Internet entrepreneurs spread themselves too thin as it is.  Social networking has become a fad that everyone is addicted to at some level.

Perhaps our focus shouldn’t be on how many different social networks we can belong to at one time, but rather which of those networks can we benefit the most from.  If time management is your weakness, you should consider a site that not only allows you to express your business, but also provides you with qualified connections.

I’m not saying that you should eighty-six your past relationships with Twitter, Face Book, and LinkedIn.  Just consider where your time is best spent.


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