Zero to 90….

I cannot believe that Spring is here. Where does the time go? Spring brings many changes to our lives; our bodies start to want lighter food as it awakes from its winter slumber; our family activities start to pick up and our businesses start to see increased energy.

This is a perfect time to think about change, because people already associate the spring season with renewal and transformation.

But do you have enough time?  Even though we have gained one extra hour of daylight, does not mean you stay at work one more hour. Daylight savings time should be used to get out during daylight, enjoy those spring baseball games, take a walk at lunch and smell the spring blooms, and reflect on how your business will grow into this year, especially in today’s fast-changing environment.

Using the changing of the clocks can also be used as a reminder to:

Spring means cleaning out the clutter!  The clutter of negative relationships, clients, situations or events and making a new beginning.

Examine your work environment.  Think about what you like and change what you can of the things you don’t like about your job and environment, and practice accepting what you cannot change.             Reflection: The Serenity Prayer

Spring clean your processes, goals and personnel. This can be very effective and give you a clean, fresh start.

Give yourself time alone.  What does your business need now?  What is waiting in the back of your mind to begin?

Learn to notice the changing seasons of your life and your business from winter (making endings) to spring (making new beginnings).  You will feel a renewed energy, hope, and a desire to grow in yourself and those around you.

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