5 Ways To Spot Job Posting Scams

When you’re looking for a job its already stressful and reading job postings sometimes feel a waste of time. I always feel like it’s the black-hole of the abyss. To avoid wasting your time chasing down whether the job posting is a scam or not here are some tips to help you spot any red flags in the ad:

  • There isn’t a company name in the ad. Blind ads can be used to gather personal information about individuals as part of an identity theft scheme. Protect yourself and use the confidentiality feature offered by most job boards.
  • The e-mail address ends in @yahoo, @gmail, @hotmail, etc. Not all companies have a company e-mail. However, if there’s a company name in the ad, not having a professional e-mail might be something you should consider looking into.
  • The person of contact cannot be found through a simple Google search. Not everyone can be found through a Google search, but if you’re an employer, there should be some type of information about the employer online.
  • They offer you the job within 24 hours of sending your application. You have to remember that all companies have a hiring process to go through. Any company worth working for will want to get to know you before offering you a paycheck for your skills.
  • They want to pay you before you start working. Some scam artists send checks to their victims as a way of getting into their bank accounts. In an article on the MSNBC website, 1.3 million Americans were victims of check scams in 2009.

Source: The Career News; Abridged: Careerealism

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