For many, the most unpleasant part of owning a small business is the necessity of dealing with the accounting for money coming in and out of the business. When your passion is in providing services or selling products, finding the time or inclination to set up and maintain a bookkeeping system is difficult. But as we all know, it is only with a quality bookkeeping system that will keep you on track of how successful you really are.

This is why I decided to build DIY-Bookkeeping, a resource for the DIY business owner(s) to come to and get information on how to navigate through the QuickBooks, insights on business tips, and information from tax experts.

AGC offers options to help you get started with managing your finances. Whether you're not ready or too small for QuickBooks, need training on how to use QuickBooks, or would like someone to take a pulse of your QuickBooks. AGC will be there for you!

Read what some DIY'ers have to say from their experience with AGC...

"I purchased QuickBooks online to allow me to keep my own books in a more efficient way .... it didn't really work. I met with Aileen to discuss the issues I was having and she really helped me to understand the basics of QuickBooks online, how to be more efficient with the program I purchased and there was no pressure for me to hire her as a full time accountant." A....

"As a creative professional with no formal accounting training, I became overwhelmed trying to understand how to set up my new QuickBooks account to help me track my business' financials and prepare for taxes. Although QuickBooks is easy to use, I struggled to understand which accounting practices I should know/use and how to apply this knowledge in QuickBooks. Aileen not only helped me understand HOW to maximize using QuickBooks as a business tool, but she helped me understand WHY I needed to do things." C...

Ask yourself these questions:

Is QuickBooks Online right for
your business?

Should you be doing your
own bookkeeping?


Here are some DIY Options and Tools to help with your business.

"Very professional individual who is well connected and networked in her market and has proven to be extremely successful in her field of work. She is well respected by her peers and colleagues and is always there to help and mentor others" T....