Branding yourself effectively online is critical

DENVER, CO — Make certain you’re presenting yourself as the candidate of choice. Identify the current needs of the marketplace and position yourself in ways that will attract attention. Pay special consideration to job requirements that appear frequently in the postings for your line of work. Become highly searchable. Know the keywords for your industry and make sure that each of your online profiles is well populated with these sought-after skills. 

Highlight your unique qualities. You’ll need to set yourself apart from other candidates. Stress the ways you’ll add value and outperform the competition. Use phrases like, “possess a unique combination of X and Y” to make yourself stand out. Be sure that you’re LinkedIn profile is 100% complete and that it supports what you’re highlighting on your resume.

Set up a Google alert for your industry, target companies, and desired position. Keep up-to-date on the latest trends and developments so that you can speak to these newsworthy events in interviews and networking meetings. Be proactive and build connections with key people. Reach out to industry leaders and decision-makers on LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social networking sites. Gather “social proof.” Social proof is the accumulation of testimonials, endorsements, and recommendations from managers, coworkers, and others who will attest to your skills and abilities. These valuable references act as ways recruiters, HR representatives, and hiring managers can vet you prior to contacting you for an interview.

Abridged: Huffington Post | Source: The Career News


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