Count Down #6 – Eco Friendly Living with Green Home Experts

The sixth stop on Aileen’s Count Down to the Holidays! is with Maria Onesto Moran owner of Green Home Experts.

We all know that we should be more eco-friendlier, but how?

My advice, start with your home. Our homes are our sanctuary and the more sustainable your safe haven, the more sustained you will feel in it. Deciding to make green choices in your home can be overwhelming for some, not with Green Home Experts in your neighborhood.

Maria can help educate you with making small changes that can help make a difference. Making the littlest changes to your home to be more environmentally friendly is a great start. Then focus on your increased green awareness for larger future projects. Whatever your eco-friendly needs are Green Home Experts is here to help.


Green Home Experts is an independent retailer of eco-friendly building and home supplies. We specialize in all things green to create a healthier home for you and your family.

We are your local source of sustainable products. We offer green products for cleaning, gardening and everyday living. We also supply a variety of eco-friendly paints, flooring, cabinets and construction materials. 

But there is more….. You just have to see for yourself and stop by the store, I know you won’t leave empty handed.Looking for gift ideas, check out Maria’s Green Gift Guide, something for your neighbors, co-workers, teachers and friends.

I have so much to say about Maria, but I will let her tell you herself. Here is what Maria shared with me during our interview for the countdown; I hope you are inspired and ready to Go Green!

What inspired you to start your businesses?
I worked for an organization now known as Mercy Housing Lakefront. They provided permanent, supportive housing for people who were formerly homeless. While I was on staff, we built 2 LEED-certified buildings in 2003 and 2005. As the vegetarian hybrid driver on staff, this really fed my passion. When my husband and I bought our West Loop condo, I was looking for some of the non-toxic finishes we’d put in the buildings at work. But they were impossible to find anywhere other than online. I wasn’t willing to buy a new toilet or paint online. Knowing there were a lot of frustrated homeowners like me, I wrote a business plan and from that came Green Home Experts!

Can you describe your business as if I knew nothing about it or the market?
Green Home Experts is an independently owned business, with two basic components. We are part eco-showroom and part eco-general store. So you might come in here looking for cleaning supplies, garden materials or kitchen ware. Or you might come here looking for eco-friendly flooring, paint, cabinetry, insulation, etc. We are open to all members of the public and work with homeowners, contractors, designers and architects. You don’t even have to be human to shop here—we have canine customers all the time!

What’s one big thing you want people to take away from when they visit your store?
We want people to have fun when they’re here. We want to be a joymaker in people’s lives. If you shop here, you are making better decisions for the health of your family and the planet. So you should feel good about yourself when you’re here. We’ve always got something fun going on—free workshops and demonstrations, sales, and our annual holiday party in December and anniversary party in February. There’s a coloring station here for kids, treats for dogs, and lots of laughter for everyone.


Contact Information:

           12/31                                       as of Jan. 2012

Green Home Experts                 Green Home Experts
823 S. Oak Park Ave.                 811 S. Boulevard
Oak Park, IL 60304                   Oak Park, IL 60304


(708) 660-1GHE (1443)

Sunday:                      10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Monday:                      Closed
Tuesday – Friday:   10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Saturday:                   10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

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