What Can You Outsource This Month? HOLIDAY GREETINGS!

The Holiday Season is the perfect time to show your clients appreciation, to show them you care about them more than just once a year.

But how do you find the time to sit and write all those Holiday cards, or find one that truly expresses your gratitude?

What if I can show you a card system that will produce high level cards, personalized with your message, your business logo or even a family photo, addressed, stamped and sent in less then half the time that you spend in the Hallmark store at half the cost. Would you be interested?

Have you heard of SendOutCards, the gratitude card system? I have been using this system for just about a year now and I have received amazing compliments from my clients, friends and family.

I have personally never come across a product like this with so much mass appeal and at very little cost. The #1 priority for businesses to embrace is Marketing. Touching clients, prospects, referral sources, and alliance partners is crucial.

The cost to find a new customer is five times more than to keep an existing customer. Communication strategies have become so high-tech with email, newsletters, online surveys, tweeting, Facebook, etc., that the personal touch has been lost. So show your clients you care… send a card!

If you would like to see how simple it is to send a card visit www.SendOutCards.com/112271 and send a FREE card, my gift to you; or give me a call and let me share with you how this remarkable system can work to your benefit.

Interested in support?
Call or email me today! Remember that we work as a team, so don’t worry if this is not your area of expertise.

Please help spread the word!
Please share this email with your friends and colleagues. We offer a 20% discount for referrals! This discount is valid toward your 1st month of service and will be automatically applied to your invoice.

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